Chasing the Sun

January 25th, 2016

Hola amigos!

Note: Sorry for the confusion about the post being online via the email!

So after a summer of catching up with sleep, rest and hobbies; I had the opportunity to visit Spain for a holiday for almost two weeks! It was exciting as I was bringing my good camera, my Canon 550D, with 35-135mm/18-55mm lenses. They’re probably not comparable to the more professional photographers out there but

to me she does the job, with surpassing my expectations with flying colours every time!

The location of where myself and the family where staying is a sea-side town called “Benalmadena”, located along the Costa Del Sol. For the record, I recommend the area to anyone wanting a good holiday! Scenery and of course the weather are big positives for the area!

Generally the trip got me onto a boat touring the coast up to “Fuengirola” for two hours, also climbing the South’s mountain range’s highest peak, and got the chance to go into the city of Malaga for the day.

For me this holiday consisted of mainly just relaxation but also many opportunities to use my camera where it couldn’t be used back home in Northern Ireland, mainly because I have photographed the country to death! (Well that’s my excuse anyway!) So it was good to have a change of scenery plus to try out some new ideas to take photos of!

I’ll comment on the experiences I got to have while also using my photos to paint a picture of the experience. Apologies for the lack of words.

So the first excursion included the cable car up the side of Calamorrow Mountain. The journey took fifteen minutes and then another ten minute walk to the peak. The views were simply stunning, up one side we could see up past Malaga, and the airport and up the other side we could see up to Fuengirola easily, and apparently on a good day see Gibraltar and then ahead of us (continuing with the good day scenario) we could see North Africa, to be exact: Morocco. Which we could definitely see from Malaga later on in the trip.



The plants, views, and birds all provided me with photo opportunities where it wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else, it was an amazing sight, mixed with the quietness and the gentle whistle of the wind added to the experience of taking in the landscape.


Later in the week it was onto the city of Malaga, a completely different type of scenario. A metropolis which was very busy, mopeds everywhere, mixed with a constant supply of side-streets and cafés, providing one of my favourite forms of photography: Street photography. I hadn’t practiced much street photography before only when I am travelling as it personally helps me to remember the little things about the cities I visit.

I really liked the city, because it had super architecture and the design of the streets and buildings such as one aspect they kept in mind was to keep the sun off the casual pedestrian by having the building literally overhang the street blocking the sun and providing a cool atmosphere to work and walk in. It was a beautiful city and I was surprised at the size of the docks, alongside the amount of preservation projects going on in the city, with the main intentions to maintain the historic Spanish architecture.






I would love to revisit Malaga, as city breaks are the holiday that appeal to me the most so I can see myself staying there for a couple days and basing myself there and then travel and tour the local area! I was very surprised at what Malaga had to offer, I was expecting a very modern business hub, similar in style to Istanbul but obviously smaller! The amount of preservation work in the city is phenomenal! Definitely a revisit is due!IMG_3348.JPG

And lastly the boat trip! Now before this I must admit, Boats were something I weren’t a fan of and would’ve rejected a boat trip, but this particular boat excursion was different as the two hours contained opportunities to deep-sea fishing, steering the vessel and swim. Although that day the currents were very strong so any fishing we tried weren’t successful, and it was too dangerous to go into the water for swimming with being so close to the boat. But I must admit I have to say even though we were onboard the boat for two hours it was really fun and the best activity I did throughout the visit as I got to spend time with my family and just relax and do something a little different! The photos I got, I was rather pleased with!





So there you go, a super tiny snippet of my visit to the Costa Del Sol, and I have to say, I really miss it there! I guess it’s post holiday blues but after spending time with members of the family I only see a couple of times a year and having my camera by my side, it provided me with a chance to enjoy the holiday, to the fullest and for the first time in a long time!

Thanks for reading! and until next time!

“Make every moment a little different to the last.”