Africa Experiences 2014

January 24th, 2016

Hey all!

So one of my goals for setting up a Blog was to fulfill an urge inside me to document certain events, and in my first post last week I briefly talked about a recent trip to Africa and so I think I’ll take this opportunity to talk about some of the experiences I claimed while I was away and the ways it changed me as an individual.

mg_0800So during April I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit Uganda; a poverty-stricken but lively and culturally centered part of the world. The research I had compelled myself to do prior to visit included the political issues and how poor the country is, this made myself aware of some of the practices carried out by people who may not have the money, this is considered a luxury.


One experience during our visit to the schools, they paid a local restaurant to make food for us and then any scraps that was left by us was actually then handed to the kids waiting serving us who belonged to the school which then this acted as their lunch to whoever received the mush by the timg_0703
me it had got to them. the rest of the school’s population received like a porridge/muesli substance which then was their lunch instead, on the first day of this routine of being fed by the school, we left a lot of the food because we weren’t used to it, little did we know what that very same left overs would be used as the children highly probable only meal that day. I can assure you, a lot of the team including myself got upset over the fact at how perceptively negligent they had been towards their second meal of the day.

Another moment of thought came on our second day we were stuck in the notorious rush hour traffic jams of Kampala, we were all shattered after our day but we spent the time talking about the trip so far and the children we had encountered. I used the time snapping the people in the cars as they drive past and pedestrians. During this long period of idleness, we noticed a mother carrying a child about one year old, by the hand, with her daughter almost like Neil Armstrong jumping along the cracked pavement, at first we heard “aww’s” from the back of the bus from the mainly girls, but as time went on, she stopped and plopped her on the floor with speed. The toddler automatically crossed her legs and held out her hands into a cup shape. It quickly dawned on myself what was occurring in front of me. The child was being forced to beg along the street in front of me, by now the bus had looked over seeing me zooming in through my lens to get a photo. The mother proceeded to mg_0662walk away from this girl into the park behind and continued to mess about with the locals to the park. Ten minutes later she returns to her daughter, to find she hadn’t collected anything from the pedestrians. So what she did next angered the whole bus. She then hit her daughter once over the head while smiling. I can remember the face of the girl, so intrigued and so conscious of her surroundings. I got so angry and I still do whenever I think back at it. I think to myself how can this be allowed with so many people about. And this is one of the scenarios I have witnessed which gives me the determination to help work out there.

On another lighter and happier thought of interest came from whenever in the last few days we spent in the schools we were visiting, the children in their good byes to us would’ve said how much they’d enjoyed their time with us and wished us safe travels etc., it showed that they didn’t care about the clothes I was wearing, my phone or my camera. They saw past that and saw me, me as a human being just like them, and that’s something I think is a value that more people should learn, I admit yes I am still learning to treat everyone with respect, but after visiting such a different and vibrant country I think I have changed as a person, but I am still learning every day. The trip changed me in a lot of ways but probably in my commitment to work out in Africa for schools and also the fact that I then on June 1st some weeks after my trip to Uganda that I made a commitment to God, which has changed my life.


I hope that if you may have the great opportunity to help out in Africa or literally anywhere in the world then my advice is to grasp onto it with both hands, because it will change you and you will never regret that awesome opportunity!

Thank you for reading and have a great day! 🙂