So let me start my first post on this blog to be about me, so think of it as a little get to know me session.

So the basics; I am called Christopher White, born in Northern Ireland lived here since I was born, and for a short time I also lived in South Wales in a town about a street long called Coedely near Porth. It was so tiny! I moved back to Northern Ireland when I was about nine.

IMG_2315I was into my Armies and Helicopters when I lived over in the mainland and made lots of friends there, so when I made the transition back to life in N.I. (Northern Ireland) it was hard at first to make friends as all I knew where the ones in Wales, but over time it got easier and I got happier as I learnt of a magical body called the Internet and this awesome power held a branch (can’t describe it any other way!) called Social Media, so this enabled me to keep in touch with my friends in N.I., Wales, Germany, United States and also some family in Australia! “This is amazing!” I thought; and so by 15 I had already tortured “MSN” to death, email was a thing of the past and I had now embarked onto Facebook, which went viral at my school.

Facebook changed the way people communicated, it brought people ‘closer’ in ways the plane and T.V. couldn’t, it made communications quick and almost instant like. So I quickly grasped the idea and used the communication side such as the messaging quite a lot!

Over the years I gathered a developing interest in photography and travel. I love to experience new cultures even when I go down south to Ireland I am fascinated by the culture difference even the footpaths are different and the music, flip! Don’t get me started on the wondrous Irish music! So if I found down south fascinating, I’m going to find countries further away more interesting. So countries such as eastern Bulgaria, rural Germany and clear-aired Finland have all been uniquely rich and diverse in their own cultures, and I loved all of them!


IMG_2197I’ve also had the lucky opportunity to have recently traveled to Uganda and Turkey (briefly but got a fair taste of the culture there too) so in the time leading up to the visit I researched Ugandan/Turkish politics and news stories as well as African political/International Relations in general and so this built up a wide-ish knowledge of politics of countries and regions around the world and so with this frame of mind-set I could see the political influences in Uganda as I toured the streets and country and noticed things that probably the group I was with probably wouldn’t have picked up on such as an increased armed police presence and the amount of United Nations assets (aircraft and SUV’s) supporting the mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). Little things that wouldn’t have made a huge difference to my experience in Uganda but gives me a broader knowledge of the country and factors affecting the country whilst I was there.

So I guess I’ll finish off by discussing what my plans are for the future; Well my Uganda visit kinda changed me mentally in a good way and opened my eyes to the rest of the world, and if the opportunity arose I would go back to Africa and help out in schools in someway, as I feel a country can develop through education and I believe; yes security and food are important but education can teach a country and to secure itself, self sustainability and to be able to teach itself to feed themselves, and I would love to be apart of that. So that’s one idea I could see myself doing but I also see myself residing in Cape Town, South Africa and doing something out there as it’s so photogenic and just simply beautiful!


But I am a 17-year-old and have most of my life in front of me so I guess I’ll just go where I feel the wind take me to! I love the fact that I could be literally anywhere this time next year!

Thank you for reading! I know it’s long but I felt that it would be good to explain myself a little and a bit about my background!

Thank you!